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Designed specifically for small- to medium-sized independent accommodations, GuestPoint® is an easy-to-use management system that can help you to lower vacancies, streamline operations and increase efficiencies and profits. The program includes everything you need to manage online bookings, accounts, housekeeping, reporting and more.




Independent Hotel Management

Find the tools you need to enhance the quality of experience for guests. Collect rich data to help build in-depth guest profiles, target your marketing efforts and personalize experiences. Manage housekeeping, maintenance and concierge personnel. Generate detailed reports, sell and manage gift cards, segment rooms by categories and subcategories, handle debtors easily and coordinate groups. Automate rates to adjust automatically according to inventory with our dynamic rate management tool.


Small to Medium Hotels and Motels

GuestPoint's sophisticated, easy-to-use features will save you time, increase your occupancy and boost revenues. Get free online booking exposure. Manage your property from home as if you were onsite through our GuestPoint Remote App for iPhones. Our "set it and forget it" dynamic rate management tool will automatically adjust your rates down when occupancy is low and increase them when occupancy is high. Generate easy-to-understand reports, manage groups and debtors and more.


Service-Oriented Spa Resorts

Build in-depth guest profiles to help with marketing campaigns and to create highly personalized guest experiences. Accommodate day visitors. Create spa and resort packages and manage them with your room inventory. Sell gift cards and other options, such as champagne, chocolate or flowers on arrival. Offer and handle promotional codes. Automate pre- and post-communications to build rapport with guests and increase repeat business.


Bed & Breakfasts and Boutique Inns

Designed to support you like well-trained staff, GuestPoint offers automated processes to save you time and create an exceptional guest experience. Generate automated pre- and post-visit communications, track personalized guest details such as allergies, special requests and room preferences. Increase occupancy and revenue through our automated dynamic rate management, handle tasks remotely from your iPhone and get 24-hour presence online.


Hostels and Back Packers

Handle volume bookings efficiently, with a solution that books beds in the same manner as a motel books individual rooms. Get the same quality tools as a motel management system, but scaled back in price according to usage. Manage groups with centralized billing. Get flexibility in billing and scheduling, in an easy-to-use, affordable system.


Mining Camps

Book groups of people efficiently and manage debtor billing easily. Discover a suite of easy-to-use tools to help you manage your mining camp like a motel.


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Whether you need a turnkey solution to get up and running quickly for one meeting, or you're organizing a large-scale global event years away, we have software packages to suit a full range of needs. Our flexible pricing means you won't pay for features and services you don't need. We also offer ways to upgrade on an as-needed basis.




Corporate Events

EventsAIR® can help you manage multiple internal and customer-facing meetings simultaneously. Whether you're organizing an annual meeting for employees, a training initiative or a VIP customer gathering, you'll have the tools to create consistent, professional events that reflect your company's standards. Establish and track budgets easily. Monitor progress in real time. You can also brand all communications with your company's logo and branding elements, from invitations to final reports.


Professional Conference Organizer (PCO)

Get the deep functionality you need to serve any type or size of client. Create custom websites, register attendees, and handle payments easily. Capture and store unlimited data, customize reports, manage accommodations, establish and track budgets and oversee personnel.

At the event, our features will keep you productive ─ and sane. Bring data down from the cloud to a local presence, to avoid slow internet connections (or disconnections). Sync data with the cloud in real time. Organize entire groups at once. Supervise run sheets in real time. Communicate with attendees ─ and let them communicate with one another ─ through a Mobile App. Our flexible pricing plans will also allow you to scale up or down as your business needs change.


Sporting World Events

Our single system communicates across all event aspects. We remove the communication barriers between the various departments, so that enormous amounts of information get shared easily. Manage accreditation, accommodation, arrivals, departures, protocol and more. Our system allows you and others to oversee details in real time, make changes and communicate.


Hospitality Events

Manage complex logistics seamlessly for VIP guests. Capture extensive data on each guest, from basic contact information to dietary restrictions and travel preferences. Manage arrivals, transfers, accommodations, sporting events, dining and other functions. Communicate with guests through a Mobile App...then follow up with them for valuable feedback. Develop special packages and handle waves of VIP guests easily.


Incentive Events

Manage the many moving parts of incentive trip logistics, starting with accommodation inventory, multiple flight segments and transfers. You can schedule excursions, coordinate dine-arounds, manage galas and activities, assign seating, and make changes in minutes. Is heavy rain going to ruin the golf outing? Inform all participants of a schedule change instantly. Would someone like to add extra nights or excursions? Simply adjust their record and arrange for payment. Provide personalized documentation, collect feedback and more, to ensure a spectacular trip.


Government World Events

When you're organizing a government or political event, such as a G20 Summit or United Nations meeting, security concerns run high, both onsite with attendees and online with sensitive data. EventsAIR offers a proven, highly secure solution for both. Our comprehensive system keeps data completely isolated and can bring it down to your data center. It manages travel, accommodations, accreditation and access controls at various points in the venue. The easy-to-use features ensure that organizers of all experience levels can perform their tasks properly.


Association Events

Our complete tool kit can help you with the call for papers, coordinating with the review committee, allocating presentations, working with the speakers, inviting and registering attendees, handling venue details, managing dining and accommodations, and gathering feedback. Our Mobile App makes communicating with attendees convenient, and allows them to communicate with one another. EventsAIR also enables new organizers to start working easily.


Continuing Education (CE)

EventsAIR can help streamline the management of any CE event, from a one-hour course to a multiple-day event. It offers an easy registration process, manages budgets, tracks credits or points, coordinates with instructors, communicates with attendees, gathers feedback through surveys and generates reports. The system can scale up or down depending on your needs, and can run hundreds of courses or activities.