Centium Software Support

At Centium Software, we offer far more than software. We're specialists in event and hospitality management, and in developing solutions that address the industry's unique needs. For more than 25 years, our team have supported people with technology solutions. Here are some of the ways that we can support you.



Our background is rooted in event management, and we offer a full suite of services to support event organizers. These include turnkey solutions to help with event configurations, sessions, registration forms, agendas, hotel accommodations and handling all of the information surrounding events. We can also design and build your event website, customize software and more. Talk to us about your needs, and we'll get to work.



Our Implementation support service can help streamline the onboarding of GuestPoint® or EventsAIR®. We understand that event organizers are typically working on critical timelines, and having the Centium team manage the implementation can be tremendously valuable. For example, a large customer might want us to send a project team to hold regular project review meetings, manage the coordination of configuring of the data center, and interface with the in-house IT people. Whether you're large or small, however, we can help every step of way.


Cloud Hosting

We offer highly secure cloud hosting with three layers of isolation for customer data. Our cloud has been closely integrated with Microsoft Azure's cloud, and we leverage off of their secure environment. We use multiple Azure data centers around the world to provide the most convenient location for your data.



We offer a two types of training, to ensure you and your team get up to speed quickly. We provide onsite training, which includes large group training. We also offer web training, with short, targeted courses that delve into specific features. For these, we publish a list of sessions that typically range from one to two hours. You can arrange for different people to participate, depending on their job roles.

24/7 Global Support

When we say we provide support, we mean it literally. We don't outsource our technical support; the experts at Centium Software provide it. The 24/7 global description is literal too. We maintain support team offices in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. As one time zone (or hemisphere) goes dark, another opens for around-the-clock coverage. We have a fully integrated phone system that ensures that the calls can be answered by a skilled professional at any hour. The event management industry is 24/7, and so are we.


Onsite Support

Do you have a large event where you would like additional technical support? We'd be happy to help. We can send a member of the Centium technical staff to work with you during a mission-critical event. This high-level of service can provide the added support and peace of mind you need to succeed.


Custom Development

EventsAIR has been designed from the ground up to easily incorporate custom development. As part of this, we can include your workflows and the way you do business into the design. For some events, it can be beneficial to implement a piece of custom development. In these cases, we can seamlessly integrate customizations into the core system.